3 Tips for Making Clip In Hair Extensions Look Natural

It would be amazing to always have thick, full hair that comes with the perfect sheen and looks great no matter what. For most women, this is more of a dream than a reality. But today, it is possible to achieve the look, at least temporarily, with clip in hair extensions. By adding volume and length, it is possible to create a customized style that adds to a woman’s aesthetic. Try out these tips for making those extensions look natural; like they belong where they’ve been placed.

Be a Tease

No one wants to have a hair extension fall out in the middle of the dance floor. This means that natural look has gone out the window. Make sure to tease up the root of the hair before putting in an extension. This gives it something to grip and gives it a better chance of hanging on throughout the day or evening. The teasing also masks the fact that there are clip in extensions, covering up the point of contact to create a natural feel.

Add Some Shine

Sometimes hair extensions are shiny while a person’s natural hair seems dull. Putting them in like that creates a real contrast between the real hair and the extension, letting everyone around know that the look isn’t natural. Take the time to use a product that adds a gloss or sheen to hair. This helps blend the two types of hair to create a more balanced look. Use a little bit of product at a time and avoid overdoing it. Once the shines begin to match up, it’s time to add the extensions.

Roll it Up

A little bit of curl goes a long way. But what happens when a person’s natural hair has a great wave but the extensions are pin straight? Once again, putting the extensions in without making a change isn’t going to look natural. There are two options. The natural hair can be flat ironed in order to match the extensions. Or, the extensions can be curled to match the natural hair. Because heat isn’t recommended on extensions, dampen them and use sponge rollers to add some curl. Leave the curlers in overnight and test out the results in the morning. A natural look means matching up textures.